August 2015

Students and Parents-

First off, let me say that I am thrilled to announce that Jason and I were able to buy back the other half of EMBER!!! She is 100% ours again and we couldn’t be happier that it has worked out the way it has! She has become an integral part of our program and a horse that I love to teach beginners on! So we are glad that we were able to keep her! Thank you to all those that helped make it happen!

Many MANY thanks to the Murdock family (Ann, Ken and Kam) for hosting us on their boat this past week for the first annual OHPH boating day! (I think we’ll make it a tradition!) All who came will agree that it was an absolute blast! Thank you again!

I will be making a t-shirt order the third week of August! If you would like any OHPH-wear than let me know before then! I will be making sweatshirts, t-shirts, jersey shirts, jackets and vests! If you plan to show at one of our remaining shows, it is required that you have a OHPH shirt to wear! I would also love to see parents and family in OHPH to show their support for their student and also our team!

I cannot believe August is already here! That means summer is almost over L and my fall schedule starts in just 2 weeks! Also means that the State Fair Horse Show is in just 6 weeks!

We have some fun upcoming events!

August 8th– Vista Fun Show- I have 3 more slots available. These fun shows are just that, fun and low key! Great to get students to get practice and exposure to the show ring! Talk to me if you would like to show! – I would recommend if you are showing at the State Fair, that you plan on showing at one of the two fun shows (this one or the September) so that you can get some practice in before the Fair.

August 22nd– OHPH Photo Day- Come and get pictures of your student with his/her favorite horse! We will have Heather Cates of White Owl Photography come to take our pictures again this year! She did an amazing job last year and I am thrilled to have her back this year! There will be different photo packages available. I will have a handout and sign-up sheet next week at lessons.

September 12th– Vista Fun Show- I would recommend if you are showing at the State Fair, that you plan on showing at one of the two fun shows (this one or the August) so that you can get some practice in before the Fair.

September 14-18- State Fair Horse Show- This horse show is the highlight of the year! It is the funnest one of them all! Talk to Leslee if you would like to go! Horse availability is on a first come first serve basis with priority given to those who are leasing! Please let me know if you would like to attend or if you have any questions! Everyone is invited to come and support our team whether you show or not.

We have had a fun and very successful show season thus far and are looking forward to the remaining fun shows and the State Fair Horse Show! Now is the time to prepare! We a few students that are planning on it, but would love for more to come and participate! I am offering a discount to all students who would like to participate in the State Fair Horse Show! Talk to me if you have any questions.

All of my lesson horses are currently available for lease! Leasing is a great option for students that are not ready either time wise or financially to take on the responsibility of full ownership of a horse. We offer affordable leasing packages to those who would want to have an extra ride or three each week (aside from lessons) and priority when it comes to showing! Talk to me if you would like more information and I will get you a copy of our leasing packet!

There are a few students that deserve our recognition!

Congratulations to Annee and the Williams Family on their beautiful new baby! Summer AshLin was born healthy on July 20th! We are so happy for all of you! She is beautiful!

We are also excited for LizE on her recent purchase of Chance! He is a beautiful, gentle and kind chestnut quarter horse gelding! Chance and LizE have been doing great together! LizE and her parents are having fun learning the ins- and –outs of horse ownership!

The Robinson family also got a new horse!! Dot… A purebred black quarter horse mare! She is so fun to work with! She is willing and athletic! She isn’t super trained so Aubrie is working hard on getting a better foundation on her as well as starting with her reining training!

Mackensie (KenZ) and Sly had a GREAT show at the UABHA Howard Franklin Horse Show! They worked really hard and it all payed off! They had a lot of fun and brought home some high placing ribbons to boot! She got one first, 2 seconds and a 3rd in the championship!!

Welcome to our new students! Jonah, Cassy, Tacee and Andrew (who actually is an old student from several years back who has returned!)! We are so happy and excited that they are a part of Team Oak Haven! If you see them around, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself!

I am working on my fall schedule! As I mentioned above, it will start in 2 weeks, on the 17th! If we haven’t already spoken about your availability for lessons, please reach out to me so that we can get you in a slot that works best for you! I will be teaching Tuesdays, and Fridays. I look forward to getting back in to a more regular routine, and for all those that have been gone for the summer to come back!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support!