December 2014

7Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying all the fun activities that go along with this time of year!

I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who came and supported us at our Grand Opening! We had a great turn out and a LOT of fun! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you!

A few updates– The first one has to do with barn policy

Some of you may or may not know that the barn is bank owned, and as such there seems to be a constant change in policy as the board adjusts to make the barn work. One of those changes in policy has come up in regards to liability releases and will take effect on January first. It is as follows: Any student taking lessons that is NOT a horse owner must sign a liability release and pay a monthly fee of $10 to Coyote Creek. As I understand it, this fee is to help cover their liability insurance. I apologize for any inconvenience, but when you think of it, It will only add $2.50 to each of your lessons. If you have any questions you can direct them to Ike. The money will go DIRECTLY TO HIM each month. DO NOT PAY ME. DO NOT INCLUDE IT IN YOUR LESSONS CHECK. DO NOT EVEN HAND IT TO ME. You will hand it to Ike or slip it under his door. This fee is to be paid by EVERYONE no matter how many lessons you take in a month. If you own a horse a portion of what we pay in board goes to the facilities insurance already. If you are one of the two trading lessons with me YOU are still responsible to pay this fee. I cannot pay this out of pocket for you. Again, this barn rule is effective January 1st.

Speaking on Liability Releases:
I have a new liability release that I need every one to sign so I can have it on file. I will have them at your lesson next week. If you plan a birthday party or any other event in which you bring a guest, a guest cannot get on a horse without a signed liability release on file.

Now on to some happier things!!

Please remember to praise and adore our Student’s of the month Rachel Lund and Brooklyn Fullmer! True to her word, Rachel has cantered ON HER OWN the last 2 weeks, and done a fantastic job I might add!!!! Brooklyn is mastering Sly and has improved in leaps and bounds! I love them both! Get to know them and you will too!! #OHPHTHISISOURMOMENT15 !!!

If any parents are wanting to buy their students helmets, riding boots or anything else horsey related for Christmas, please do not hesitate to ask me where the best deals are! Most the best deals are online so now is the best time to order so that it gets here on time!

I still have several horses available for lease! Sly, Rambo, Tess and Mumbai are all available for 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 leases. What is a lease? Basically you get to pick your favorite horse and ride them every single lesson, and come extra times during the week to ride them also! You also get priority at the shows to show them and avoid lesson horse use fees! (If you do not lease, you get to show whichever horse is available for that show.) If multiple people in the family are taking lessons then when you lease, whoever is in lessons is able to ride the horse!

Please be sure to check out our website for upcoming events, a copy of this newsletter, and to refer your friends to our program!

Speaking of referring your friends! Send in a friend and get 50% off your next lesson! I am currently looking for 6-8 more students! There is no limit to how many discounts you can get! Please let them know when you refer them that I only teach weekly students.

OK….Here is the info for the OHPH products- (don’t forget about our cute hats, jackets and bags!!) I have to get in the order Sunday night in order to have it by Christmas. You can pay me at your lesson next week if you haven’t already. If you want to change your order in any way or add something to it, its not too late! Just let me know what you want to do!

YOUTH Products:
Tshirts: $25 (they run a little small)

Hoodies: $35 (they also run a little small)

Youth Embroidered Jackets: $75 (customized with name) *(color is the navy on the left) (this price is at cost) Jacket is weatherproof/ fleece lined

ADULT products:

Ladies Tshirts: $25 (run 1 size small)

Ladies light weight Hoodie:$30

Ladies Lightweight Sweatshirt: $30

Ladies Embroidered Jacket:$85 (customized with name) Beautifully fitted!! (this price is at cost) Jacket is weatherproof/ fleece lined— sizes XS-5XL

Mens TShirt:$20

Mens Embroidered Jacket: $90 (customized with name) (this price is at cost) Jacket is weatherproof/ fleece lined— sizes XS-5XL

Hats: $20 (Specify blue or black) (Blue will have black embroidery)

Bags: $10