May 2015

I cannot believe it is May already! This year is flying by!
I want to give a special shout out to all those who have been willing to help with setting up our new tack room. It has been a lot of work, but it is pretty amazing! There are many of you that expressed a desire to be there helping but for one reason or another couldn’t make it. Thank you! I appreciate your support!
We have a couple students, a part of our OHPH family that are currently on leave for medical issuses 🙁 Makes us sad when anyone is in pain, especially so much pain that they can’t ride! Keep Brooklyn New in your thoughts, she is having feet problems. And also, positive thoughts and prayers for MaD who is having back issues :(…  We hope both of you feel better and are able to return to the barn soon!

Congratulations to our OHPH Students of the Month for May 2015!!-

Kelly Tolbert- Kelly is Kaylee’s mother and has been taking lessons since last October. In that short time she has become someone that i can put on anyone! She works hard on everything she does and recently has started learning the basics of reining.She always is upbeat and laughs through her whole lesson! She also has become very knowledgeable and is one of the first to lend a hand to help any student she sees in need! Thank you Kelly! I am so glad that you started to ride!
Cody Rouse- Cody is KenZ’s younger brother. He got in to horses to be able to have an activity in common with his sister. He has worked hard on, and been successful in focusing well in his lessons. He loves both Sly and Ember and is working on cantering on his own. Cody is easy going and fun to be around. He is a hard worker and loves to help. He is always ALWAYS asking what he can do for me! He helps with graining and keeping everything neat and tidy.
If you have been a student of the month at any time, please remind me to take a picture of you with your favorite horse so I can print it for you and you can have it on your certificate!
I am starting to formulate my new summer schedule… I will try to accommodate but please be aware that I may not be able to keep everyone in the same groups now. However, if you have a friend that you would like to ride with, please let me know and I will try my best. ALSO- NEW!!! Starting with my summer schedule (which will be effective the second week of June) I will be offering SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS!!  For just $5 more per lesson you can be in a group that will be limited to 2 riders! Lessons will be grouped by specialty i.e reining or western or hunter pleasure. These Semi Private lessons are RECOMMENDED but NOT REQUIRED for those that are showing! If you are wanting to be in a Semi-Private lesson, please let me know so I can schedule you accordingly! I also have a few lesson spots available! Let your friends know!
We have a couple shows under our belt now! The fun show was a HUGE SUCCESS!  Wanna see pictures? See theme HERE (click on the blue word “HERE”) Our girls placed well but more importantly, everyone was supportive of each other and had fun! Special thanks to Sophie for coming a long and hanging out all day and being so helpful! Many thanks also to the parents and grandparents for their help and support!
The Kathy Dorius Spring Classic was also a great success! Check out our photo album (click on the blue writing)!! Kammi and Aubrie showed and placed well! Kammi got a 3rd place in the OPEN Championship (Against a TRAINER!!!) and Aubrie won the Youth championship! WE had so much fun and I think everyone learned a lot! Thank you soooooo SOOOOO much to Haley for coming  to support and being so helpful!
We have a Fun show on May 30th! I have had a few sign up, and still have more spots available! Text or talk to me at the barn if you want to go!! Also, for the big B show. I have a few of you that signed up on the “intent to show” form at the show meeting. I will be talking with each one of you to make and finalize plans. For those of you that are new students, I have horse show packets and would be happy to talk to you about showing if you are interested!
Ember is still available for half sale! Let me know if you might be interested in horse ownership! A half ownership is a great way to go!
All of my horses are currently available for lease! Remember, those who are leasing have first rights at the shows and get to ride that horse at every lesson. There are many of you that want to do reining, but I only have 2 reining horses, so if you are serious about showing reining, then I would definitely consider leasing to secure rights at the shows! Talk to me about getting a leasing packet with more information on pricing and details about the different types of leases.
We will be having another activity on Friday JUNE 19th!  2:00 You won’t want to miss this one! We will be making personalized horse notebooks/journals!! You will have to pre-register for this activity because I will be printing photos and making custom stickers with your name on them. Cost will be $12 and will include an 8×10 photo for the cover of your book, sheet protectors and 4 custom stickers and more!
We will also be having an OHPH BBQ on Thursday June 11 at the Charity Horse show! Time will be at 630 pm at the show grounds… EVERYONE AND THEIR FRIENDS/FAMILY ARE INVITED! Please RSVP with how many are coming so we know how much food to prepare and can give food assignments!