-{R.I.D.E. program}-

Leslee started the R.I.D.E. program after realizing the importance that her students with special needs play major roles in the Oak Haven team. With experience working with students of varying abilities, she felt it very important that each student regardless of diagnosis, had the opportunity to both be independent with the horses as well as work as a team to support one another. Leslee has the ability to individualize each students’ riding program ensuring that maximum growth is attained.

She has helped students with Aspergers Syndrome, varying degrees of autism, down syndrome, fear, depression, ADHD, ADD, crippling anxiety, and even social disorders. Leslee is of the firm belief that horses can help riders with any delay or setback, to progress and to learn skills that are important not only on the horses, but also with their peers. Any student that Leslee works with is treated like an equal to any other.

Many of her R.I.D.E. students have been able to attain that complete independence and many have even aspired to compete at horse shows!

If you or someone you know would benefit from our R.I.D.E. program, please contact Leslee!

**Please note- This is NOT a therapeutic riding program. It is our belief, that by their very nature, horses can be therapeutic, just like any animal. We are in no way certified or backed by any organization or physician. We merely have experience and success working with students of varying abilities, and through mainstreaming each student, we can increase those abilities, no matter what level- mentally, physically or emotionally- they start on.