-HEAD TRAINER- Leslee Pugh-

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Leslee Pugh is the head trainer and instructor. Her husband’s name is Jason. Together they have a daughter named Oaklee, two sons named Aiden and Declan and a newborn daughter, Hailee.

Leslee is the owner and founder of Oak Haven Performance Horses. She started riding at a very young age and officially started taking lessons when she was only 3. She has been blessed with many opportunities to learn and further her knowledge of many breeds especially the Arabian breed and showing, including being able to work with nationally renowned trainer, Vickey Bowman. She Loves to be able to teach and apply the things she has learned! As well as starting beginners, she specializes in teaching advanced techniques to her upper level students in either Western or Hunter Pleasure, as well as Reining. She has a successful show record and has shown in just about everything including Hunter, Western, Showmanship, Reining, Country English, Costume and Show Hack.

Please feel free to contact Leslee with any questions that you might have about lessons, training, showing or her program!


Kandyce has always loved and had an interest in horses for as long as she can remember. When she turned 16 she was finally able to pay and drive herself to her first lessons with Leslee, where she began to learn to ride and work with horses. She worked under Leslee and helped teach lessons while taking some of her own for about 3 years. Since then, she has worked for South Valley Large Animal Clinic as a veterinarian technician. She helped the vets work on horses with anything from a simple leg wound, to helping perform major surgeries. Currently, she is a member of the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas and the Alpine Mounted Archery Club of Utah,where they practice and compete shooting arrows at targets while on the back of a moving horse. Kandyce also works with horses at Francisco Zamora’s and professionally grooms his horses. She is currently taking horseback riding lessons herself, to further her own abilities as a rider. She has had experience working with all types of horses and is even currently raising one of her own. She bought Whodini at 6 months old and she has been very successful with training and raising him. Kandyce loves to teach and help people find a passion and love for horses. She wants to promote independence with each individual rider so they can be able to accomplish their own personal horse goals.