January 2016

I can’t believe its January already!  And what a wonderful January it has been so far! I’d like to say welcome to all our new students! Oak Haven is growing! What a blessing! I know this is going to be the best year!

We have a few important dates coming up, but first, I would like to recognize some people!!

I have decided not to do a “student of the month” this month, but rather 2- PARENTS of the month! And this month I have chosen Rick Veasey and Jamie Robinson!

These two do SO much, not only for their children but also OHPH!

Rick Veasey- Rick can be found at the barn almost always week with his wife and daughter both of who ride at OHPH. The thing that’s cool- He doesn’t just come to watch their lessons, but he is lunging, saddling, grooming and even shoveling poop! He doesn’t only help his girls, but also any other student that he can see needs a hand! He is very encouraging of everyone and a positive person you want to be around! Thank you Rick for all you do!

Jamie Robinson- HOLY SUPER MOM! I don’t know how she does it! Works full time, gets her girls everywhere they need and want to be and comes to the barn at least 2 times a day (I’ve counted up to 5 times in one day!) Jamie puts her 3 girls (Aubrie, Chloe and Savannah) in lessons and when she can, she jumps on herself! Horses are engrained into this family and Jamie makes it all happen! Thank you Jamie, I don’t know how you do it!


February 5th-  Friday Evening- 7pm Horse Show meeting- This meeting is for all those that plan to, or just want more information on showing this year with OHPH. Parents are asked to attend with their student. We will discuss dates of shows and different award programs as well as costs involved with showing. We will be playing “horse show” to give the students a chance to “practice” and “imagine” what a horse show is like! This meeting is not required, but VERY highly encouraged. Also, we will have a raffle at the meeting! Don’t miss it!

February 5th  Friday Evening- 5-7 pm Student/Goal planning meetings- Talk to your trainer to schedule a time to sit down and talk about your students’ progress and goals. I feel that this is important, and would love to see every student and parent so that we can make sure to discuss the needs and wants and make sure we are headed in the right direction!

February 20th  Saturday Morning – 9-11 am Reining clinic- Have you ever wondered what reining is? Or want to continue in your reining skills? Come and learn some of the basic maneuvers of reining as well as about basics of running patterns. Each student will not only be observing, but will also have the chance to ride and actually try the maneuvers! Cost is $20 per student. Students can sign up between now and the 18th of Feb.

March 12th– Cookie Classic Horse Show- Talk to me about participating in this show! It is the first of 4 shows in the “ACTS” Show series where students can win a year end participation award as well as possible high point champion award.

We want to welcome all our new students from the past few months- “T”, Amelia, Abbey, Nate, Alayna are all the grandchildren of Teresa Muse! Savanna Robinson (Not to be confused with Savannah Robinson… figure that one out!), Maleya and her mom Christine, Dani, Hillary, Brittany, Parley, Amelia, Valerie, Bryn and Nyah.  (riding with Leslee) Sarah, Kensie, Bryn, Ellen, Kelsey and Hillary (riding with Beth) Sophie, Caitlyn and Ataiya (riding with Aubrie) We are so glad that they have come to join

Thank you to each of you who have referred clients! It means so much to us that you enjoy our program enough to share it with others! Please keep the referrals coming!! Remember, if you send someone in and they tell us you sent them, they will get 50% off their first lesson and you as well will get a lesson for 50% off and one ADDITIONAL free lesson! Also, If you like our program, and haven’t already, please go on our Facebook page and write a review!

Just a reminder, lessons will be taught in their regular schedule, regardless of school days off and holidays- unless rescheduled IN ADVANCE by your instructor.

Please, if you were not at our Christmas party, or if you haven’t signed our new Policies and Procedures page, please talk to your trainer so you can do so! We need one on file for every student.

Thank you so much to each of you for your continued support!