January 2015

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!! My Christmas was absolutely wonderful spent with those I love!
As you all know, I am still recouping from surgery and so I have moved lessons to Thursday and Friday this week. Here is the schedule. If there are any conflicts please let me know right away.  Next weeks lessons will revert back to our normal scheduling!

400 Sarah, Jane, Aubs, Chloe
500 Annabella
600 Burt, Sophie, Brooklyn new, Annee
130 Cody
230 KenZ, Brookie Cookie, Rachel
330 Lizzy
430 Ann, Kam, Tiffany
530 McCall
Just a reminder that effecitve Jan.1st, The Coyote Creek Liability rule goes in to effect. This is that each student must sign a liability release and pay a $10/ month to Coyote Creek. Checks can be written out to Coyote Creek Equestrian Center. Please give them directly to Ike or slip them under his door.
I have put a lot of thought in to January’s SOTM… And I have chosen (drum roll please)…
Ann Murdock and Kammi Murdock!!!!!! Yes that’s right, this month I feel that this mother-daughter duo deserve recognition for their vast improvement. Here is a little bit about them-
Ann, who has been a long time supporter of her daughter recently started taking lessons in November. She must have been paying close attention during Kam’s lessons because she got on and was cantering her first lesson! But let me tell you, she has improved a thousand times over in just her first 7 lessons! She struggled at first with the rhythm of the canter but it wasn’t long before she had it down! Ann focuses well during her lessons and uses every second to learn. She is dedicated and set on improving with every lesson. She doesn’t just come to go for a ride, but to really learn.
Kammi- Kam has been taking lessons for 2.5 years. She has been a star student at the shows as she has shown Tess (back when Tess was much harder to ride) and Rambo. Not only did she show Rambo, but before the 2014 show season she TRAINED Rambo in western pleasure! I was pregnant and very sick, but Kammi had the idea to show him western and so she did the training herself! And let me tell you, it paid off! She won the year end reserve champion high point in western pleasure, for the whole state of Utah! (EVERYONE COME SUPPORT KAM AT THE UABHA AWARDS BANQUET JAN 4th. Check our scheduling page on the website for more info or read below!) Anyways… Kam this fall and winter has decided that she wanted to learn reining! She has excelled in her circles and spins and especially stops! She even got a 14 foot slide out of Sly! Kammi works very hard and excels at every style of riding she tries and even in the last month she has put a couple training rides on Mumbai to get him ready for the younger students!
Ok… I couldn’t let this month go by without also recognizing one more student… And so there is a 3rd SOTM in January!!
Sophie Rimington- Sophie has improved soooooo much! This last month she came to me and asked if she could ride Tess in a hunt saddle!!! This is huge. Many of you do not know, but Soph had a huge horse accident a few years back and lets just say in the cement wall lost… anyways, at times this effects her confidence and especially on such a powerful horse like Tess. But again, she asked me! My heart radiated that day as she did not shirk away from the challenge and even cantered! It has only gotten better since! Soph I’m really proud of you!
So… If you see any of these students at the barn, please take the time to congratulate them on their hard work and award! Ann, Kam and Soph, be sure to see me for your awards!
OHPH is having another raffle!! 
Prize valued at over $100!!!!
There are many ways to increase your chances to win——
1-Like our facebook page! For every student that likes our facebook page, you will receive 1 ticket for our raffle!
2-For every student that leaves a review on our facebook page you will receive another raffle ticket
3- for every student that shares (or invites your friends to like) our facebook page you will get another raffle ticket!
4- Take a picture of your student at the barn or wearing their OHPH attire, post it on Instagram AND use the hashtag #OHPHTHISISOURMOMENT15 (be sure to be my friend on instagram!! User name les_pugh) and you will get another ticket for the raffle!!!
5- come to the horse show meeting and get 2 raffle tickets!!
6- come to the awards banquet (see below) and get 3 raffle tickets!!
7- come to the craft activity and get 1 raffle ticket!
**If your student doesn’t have a FB page or instagram, PARENTS with with those apps can do it for them! 
Our drawing will be at the OHPH craft activity and birthday party (more info below) Student does not need to be present to win. Must be current student!
Previous likes/reviews will be counted!!
Now is THE perfect time to start the lease of a horse! With a lease your student gets extra practice rides during the week to have fun with the horse and can prepare for horse shows! Sly, Rambo, Tess and Mumbai are all available! Click here to visit our leasing page!
Also, the other half owner has decided to sell her HALF of Ember. If you are interested in half ownership, please talk to me more about it! 
Speaking on ownership- OHPH would like to congratulate the Veasey Family on their recent purchase of Faxi!!!! Most of you know Tiffany and Brooklyn who take lessons, but if you see any tagalongs out with them, say hello! Its probably Daddy Rick or one of Brookie’s cute sisters- Kendal, Grace or Lexi. Faxi is a bay purebred Arabian that is 5 years old. She is trained in Western pleasure and Brookie and Tiffany just might be showing her this year! Here are some pictures of Faxi with her new amazing family!
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Congratulations Veasey Family and Faxi! We love you all and are so glad you have eachother!
Look to our events page for more information: click here
   1030 am- location TBA- whether you have shown before, plan to show, or are just curious, please come to this meeting! EVERY student is invited and encouraged to come! We will discuss what showing is, dates, cost, and what you need to do, award programs etc! This will be a fun, informative meeting so don’t miss out!
6:00 am – 8:30 pm- Gardner Villiage-  Come support your friends at the annual UABHA Year End High Point Awards Banquet. This year Annabella won State Reserve Champion in Hunt Seat Equitation 10 and under on Sly, Kammi won State Reserve Champion in Western Pleasure 17 and under on Rambo, and Brooklyn Park- with Lashay Arabians- won State Champion in Stock Seat Equitation 10 and under! There is a cost, but I’m not sure what it is $20 or $25 for an absolutely amazing meal and fun night out with OHPH! You must RSVP and PRE PAY to me. I will make our group reservation.
February 28th (Saturday)- OHPH CRAFT ACTIVITY- Quarterly Birthday Party-
100-300 pm- Come make a horseshoe wall hanging! Check out our website here for example of the craft: http://oakhavenperformancehorses.com/event/ohph-student-craft-activity/
Cost is $10 and all supplies will be provided! YOU MUST RSVP and PREPAY for this activity so that supplies can be bought.
Also at this activity we will celebrate all students that have birthdays in the first quarter of the year!
This is who they are: KenZ (Jan 12), Sam (Jan 29), Brooklyn New (Feb 15),  Aubrie (Feb 29), Leslee (March 20) (Please message me if I forgot someone!)
At this activity we will have the drawing of the raffle!! (read above) No need to be present to win!
March 14 (Saturday)- UAHC Cookie Classic Fun Show
8 am – 3 pm at copper hills equestrian center- This is the first in a 2 part series of fun shows for the UAHC fun show high point. Anyone interested can go! Come to the Horse Show Mtg on Jan 31st for more information!
Thank you everyone for your continued support! Lets make 2015 our moment!! #OHPHTHISISOURMOMENT15